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If you read “Job search success strategies: match your skills & experience” and it got you down, thinking of where you are, and where you’d like to be… your SAMRU has some opportunities coming this fall for MRU students to take advantage of.


As part of our Student Services redesign, we’re also restructuring the way we’re delivering a series of skills and professional development workshops. There are five key competency areas that MRU students can develop while they’re in university, which they’ll definitely need after graduation. Keep reading to learn more!


Diversity Competencies

To address areas of diversity, SAMRU will be offering development to MRU students and SAMRU volunteers on diversity – both in the classroom and the workplace. Workshops will include:

  • Introduction to anti-oppression

  • Safer spaces

  • and Working with students with disabilities

Additional sessions may be added throughout the year. In these sessions, students will gain greater understanding, awareness, and respect of differences; practice more inclusive communications; learn about facilitating difficult conversations; lessen stigma; encourage support; and much more.


Communications Competencies

SAMRU will also be offering communication skills development to SAMRU volunteers this year, including:

  • Listening to Refer

  • Conflict Management

  • Safer Spaces

  • Principles of Facilitation

All MRU students along with SAMRU volunteers are welcome to attend any or all of our communications workshops this year. These sessions will give students real-life communication skills, focusing on improving teamwork, developing language skills for difficult conversations, and gaining facilitation skills and public speaking experience.


Organizational Management Competencies

If your skill wish-list includes development of management skills, these professional development opportunities might just give your resume a boost:

  • Event Management / Green Events

  • Meeting Management

These sessions will give students a great understanding of goal-setting and evaluation processes, the skills to create successful events and effective meetings, and skills working with dynamic and diverse groups. Those who attend Green Event training will also learn about SAMRU’s eco-footprint; information that can be transferred to other organizations and companies.


Workplace Competencies

If you have your long-term skill development in mind, and know that you’ll be needing additional support outside of the classroom, you’ll be happy to see that SAMRU will be offering a number of options for workplace competencies this fall as well. Workshops may include:

  • Workshop design


  • First Aid

  • Physical Resource Training

  • SAMRU Orientation Plus

  • Peer Support Administration

  • Customer service / table training

These sessions will be available to SAMRU volunteers and staff as appropriate. In these sessions, students will develop goal-setting skills, improve their group dynamic skills, will learn about lesson planning and evaluation, will gain practical hands-on skills, increase their understanding of safety and safe equipment use, reduce stress, will be able to make productive referrals, and will be able to better represent SAMRU and themselves.


Wellness Management Competencies

Finally, the fifth competency SAMRU wants to help you address this year is wellness management. These sessions are ideal not just for SAMRU volunteers, but also for all MRU students, who are invited to attend as many sessions as they feel they’ll benefit from. These sessions will include:

  • Self-care & boundary setting

  • Financial Literacy

Students who attend these wellness management sessions will gain practical skills for their own benefit, as well as transferable skills to assist others. Keep your eyes out for information about all of these workshops to get the most out of the opportunities SAMRU is offering this year.


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