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Important Dates for Clubs 2020/21

Ratification Eligibility: Interested in starting a club? Look over these conditions to make sure that your club is eligible for ratification under SAMRU.

How to Engage 101: Sharing information to initiate action is not an easy task. If you are wanting to change behaviour, educate or simply give something away, you have to demonstrate your importance in our highly stimulated communities. This document outlines four ways of student engagement that might be useful if you are seeking to have meaningful, impact connections.

How to Write a Constitution: The constitution is the document used to guide your executive team in decision making, budgeting, conflict resolution and many other processes. This document walks through all the pertinent sections of the constitution.

Waiver Instructions: Waivers are an important part to having a successful and safe event. Be sure to review these instructions with your club members to ensure everyone understands the waiver process. Take a look at an example waiver here.

Managing Your Tickets: Managing and tracking tickets for your event is imperative to its success. Here are some procedures and tips to guide you through the ticketing process.

Student Night: Information about Thursday night programming for clubs.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship workshop gives clubs a quick run through on the do’s and don’ts of finding sponsors for your club.

Printable Forms

Wyckham House Media Access: Taking photos or videos of your club events is a great way to spread awareness about your club. If you plan on filming or photographing anything in Wyckham House, be sure to fill out this form first.

Hub Media Access: If you are planning to take photos or videos in the Hub, please fill this form out.

Financial Record Sheet: A financial record sheet has been supplied as a guide to help you keep track of club revenue and expenses for the year. You will need to hand in an exact copy of this
record sheet with your annual report each year.

Deposit Form: This form is to be filled out if you would like to deposit cash or cheques into your club’s account.

Annual Report: The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University requires that all ratified clubs complete an Annual Report each April. Annual Reports are to be dropped off (office Z304, third floor Wyckham House) or emailed to the Clubs Coordinator.