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The directory will be updated as clubs ratify. If you have specific questions or would like to make changes to your club’s page, please email the Clubs Administrators here.

A Novel Bunch

The Bookmark will encourage all members to participate in choosing a new book every month and have discussions on each book, as well as book to movie adaptation opportunities and readings in public... Read More
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Catholic Christian Outreach

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) provides a number of events and workshops that provide students with opportunities to grow in leadership, friendship and in their spiritual life. Some of our events... Read More
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Chinese Student Union – CSU

Chinese Student Union Club was founded to bridge a gap between western and eastern cultures, build lasting relationships, and provide insight to Chinese culture. If you want to explore a wonderful... Read More
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Creative Writing Club

Mission: The objective of this clubs is to bring together like minded people to share ideas and writing with one another. The club plans to hold workshops and sharing events for the creative writers of MRU. Read More
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Education Undergraduate Society

Mission: The mission of the EUS is to help facilitate the process of the EUS members in obtaining their Bachelor of Education Degrees from MRU’s Faculty of Teaching and Learning through various contexts... Read More
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Enactus MRU

Enactus is a team of student leaders and changemakers that develop projects which aim to tackle social, economic, and environmental issues that we face in our community. As a member of Enactus, you... Read More
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Fun-D-Active (FDA)

This club will commit to partnerships with community-based charitable organizations and hold sporting events where everyone is welcome to raise money to donate to said organizations. Read More
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