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The directory will be updated as clubs ratify. If you have specific questions or would like to make changes to your club’s page, please email the Clubs Administrators here.

French Club MRU

BONJOUR! MRU French Club Français is an inclusive social club that provides opportunities to celebrate, practice, and learn about French language and cultures. All levels of French are welcome, from... Read More
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Greek Life Club

A club to create a community of well-being through involvement in social and philanthropy events. You will have the opportunity to become a leader and gain real-world management experience by event... Read More
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Mission: The purpose of Hillel shall be to serve as the Jewish community on the campus of Mount Royal University and to provide functions and services to further Jewish life on the campus. Read More
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Indigenous Voices

Indigenous Voices is a medium for Indigenous students to be able to spread awareness about culture, connection, and to shine light on the misrepresented information that is shared as public... Read More
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Information Design Society

Information Design Society is the acting student representation of the Information Design program as well as the communicator between students and the Information Design faculty. IDS seeks to provide... Read More
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Mission: At JAMRU music club we like to jam. Our goal is to connect students who love music. We want to help develop the live music scene at MRU. Hosting jams, open mic's or any other music events is what we... Read More
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Japanese Conversation Club

Mission: This Japanese Conversation Club is meant to be a place where people can practice and learn Japanese in a comfortable and relaxed environment. It's a place to practice and learn, and also meet new... Read More
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Land of Five Rivers

Mission: The purpose of this club is to spread information on Punjabi culture and lifestyle. Uniting and creating stronger relationships among MRU students. Read More
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MRU ActiveCity

To raise awareness and engage the student body in real-time conversation regarding current issues in Calgary's active economy, and networking with industry members. Read More
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