Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer?

Student success is directly linked to student involvement. It’s true: the National Survey of Student Engagement has shown that there’s more to school than just classroom eduction – there’s learning and personal development, too, and the students who are engaged in activities outside the classroom are consistently shown to be more successful.

There’s also something to be said for a challenging and rewarding experience that makes your resume look great; volunteering helps develop a diverse set of skills that employers look for in today’s job market. And it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun.

Benefits of getting involved:

  • Review and influence policies to improve the lives of students
  • Professional development to supplement your Mount Royal education
  • Some positions pay a small honorarium in recognition of your time and efforts
  • Skills training which can increase your post-graduation employability
  • Experience with a not-for-profit charitable organization
  • Get practical professional meeting skills and experience
  • Develop networking skills
  • Work with university professionals



The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University is a student-run organization that values participation in decision-making and community-building. Through volunteerism on our boards and committees, as well as in our service centres and in our programs and events, the Students’ Association offers first-hand experience in citizenship and provides students with opportunities to discover themselves and develop valuable leadership skills.



Simply put, volunteering gives you the best student experience ever. We’ll always have something to suit your interests, whether that’s human rights or knitting. It’s a great way to apply your passion and skills to change your life, the lives of students around you, and to better the campus community… all while having fun!

Become part of a campus community and get first-hand experience in citizenship, discover yourself, develop valuable friendships and leadership skills.


How can I get involved?

Are you ready to make the most of your time at Mount Royal? Great! The Students’ Association has lots of ways for you to get involved. The best part? You don’t need any experience to get started. We will always provide you with all the training and professional development you’ll need to succeed.


I want to help students or support a event, but I don’t have much time!

Don’t worry! It sounds like you could be an amazing service or event volunteer. We only ask for a two-hour commitment per week, and that’s flexible with your schedule. The work is pretty flexible too – you could be helping out with Free Breakfast, helping a fellow student apply for an emergency student loan, or handing out bingo cards at Sex Toy Bingo. The possibilities are endless!


I want to pursue my passion with like-minded students.

Fantastic: you want to check out clubs and find your kind. We’ve got everything from Harry Potter Quidditch Club to Interior Design Student Society to Catholic Christian Outreach. You can choose to simply participate within a club by supporting events, or to tackle a more challenging leadership role by becoming an executive member. Don’t see your club of choice listed? Start your own!


I want to do more for Mount Royal students, and I’m ready to take on a challenge!

Do you want to make a lasting difference at Mount Royal? Run for a position on the Student Governing Board. Student Governors make up the Board, and since the Board is the highest form of government within the SA, Governors are tasked with looking at the Big Picture™ – that means overseeing the multi-million dollar organization that is SAMRU.

You could also campaign to get elected as a member of the Representation Executive Council. Members of the Representation Executive Council collectively serve as the voice of Mount Royal Students. They represent the interests of students on campus, as well as externally to all three levels of government. Student representatives aren’t actually volunteers: each Representation Executive Council member is an elected, full-time paid employee of the Students’ Association, but you can bet they’re getting some impressive experience during their time at Mount Royal.


I want to volunteer, but I’m not sure where I fit!

No problem! Come chat with us at Reception – that’s Z222, on the second floor of Wyckham House – or contact our Student Services Coordinator, below, to find out more.



Amber Stallard
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 403-440-7779
Email: a.stallard@samru.ca