Archived: Students encouraged to attend elections fair in Wyckham House

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Elections Fair on Sept 30

Students, faculty and staff who aren’t able to make it to Wednesday’s debate, they are also encouraged to attend an elections fair held in Wyckham House on September 30th from 11:30 to 1:30. This is a more casual event encouraging students to find out more about the parties and the candidates running.

Check out the Facebook event here:

Elections Canada on campus

Elections Canada is also on campus to help make the voting process more accessible. Everyone is invited to visit an office to register, to vote, and to get information. Anyone can use these offices, even if they are temporarily away from their riding (for example, an eligible voter who has moved to a new city to attend university or a student from a different campus).

Voting will be by special ballot. Votes will count in the riding where the voter’s home address is located.

For more information, please visit the Elections Canada website:

MRU Get Out the Vote Campaign

SAMRU is also working with a national student organization, the Canadian Alliance of Students’ Association (CASA) on a “Get out the Vote: Campaign. The campaign was constructed to be aspirational and in truly believing that students can and should have a say in how politics unfold in Canada.

SAMRU and CASA both believe that the best way to make a difference is to ensure they dramatically enhance voter participation amongst students. If we students don’t speak up, they can’t expect to be heard. On October 19th, have your voice heard.

“The object of this campaign is to persuade students to vote and ensure their voices are heard. It’s time students step up and determine how politics unfold in Canada”, said Erik Queenan, SAMRU President and Board Chair for CASA.

“By showing up at the polls on October 19th, we can shift the paradigm about student apathy and disengagement once and for all”, added Queenan.

Students are being encouraged to pledge to vote on or before October 19. For more information on the Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaign, please visit: