Student Advocacy Resource Centre

“Know your rights, find your voice”

The Student Advocacy Resource Centre provides confidential services, support and options for individual students experiencing both academic and or non-academic advocacy concerns and questions. If you’re experiencing a situation which is affecting your success at Mount Royal University, the Student Advocacy Resource Centre may be a support to you. Consider contacting our office for assistance. Student choice and self-advocacy are important to us.

Check out both our service mandate and services list, to understand more about how the program operates and what services we can assist you with as a credit student.

Have a question related to self-advocacy (talking to profs, appealing grades, manoeuvring MRU policy and procedure, etc)? Submit your question(s) to Meaghan, the Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator, and you could be featured in our new blog series, Ask Meaghan! You can also submit your questions by using the #AskMeaghan hashtag on social media. Read the blog posts to see if your question has already been answered!

Situations where students might need information or support:

  • Questions about MRU institutional policies & procedures
  • Meetings with an Instructor & Department Chair or others at MRU
  • Preparing to do a Final Grade appeal in a course
  • Class Withdrawal decisions (‘W’ grade; withdrawal or ‘WC’ grade; withdrawal with cause)
  • Concerns about course outlines, course policies & instructors
  • Deferring a final exam; requirements, conditions, & timelines (policy & process information and support)
  • Academic & Non-Academic Misconduct allegations; hearing preparation & support
  • ‘I’ grade (incomplete) grades and when to ask for one related to course completion
  • Requirement to withdraw from MRU & appeal preparation (RTW) and
  • Requirement to withdraw from a program at MRU (RTWP)
  • Information Management Concerns (Privacy & Confidentiality)
  • Academic accommodation questions, policy, & process support
  • Residence misconduct allegations & process questions
  • Human rights process support, policy information, and human rights accommodation concerns
  • Meeting tips, communication, active-listening, and conflict resolution skills development
  • Self-advocacy coaching; how to become the best self-advocate in your situation
  • Resource information; we connect students to places (both on and off campus) for help with a variety of needs like: food, transportation, clothing, emergency student loans, on-campus academic or non-academic referrals, or counselling referrals

How we assist individual students:

The Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator and their support team often assist students by assessing their unique situation, helping students review written submissions related to MRU institutional policies and processes, supporting students through a formal MRU process (appeal/complaint), and in attending student meetings or hearing(s) as a support person, with the prior consent of the student. The Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator may also refer students to or work in conjunction with the Advocacy Support team during busy periods (December/April/ or other peak times). Student Advocacy Administrators (part time staff employed during the fall and winter semesters) often assist in gathering information from a student initially, and in connecting a student to resources both on and off campus related to the student’s self-identified needs.

How we support broader advocacy efforts: 

Students with broader advocacy needs may be referred to a specific member of the Representation Executive Council (REC) for advocacy efforts focused on broader topics which could benefit from internal and or external advocacy efforts. Members of REC advocate internally on various MRU committees and councils for future institutional policy or procedural changes, with the intent on improving systems and circumstances for future MRU students. Check out how their external advocacy works to improve the lives of MRU students here.

The Student Advocacy Resource Centre also tracks the kinds of issues that individual students see our office about, identifying larger trends that emerge upon compiling data, which are then communicated periodically through out the academic year to the elected REC for future broad advocacy efforts. Your voice makes a difference here.

Hearing attendant support:

If you have an upcoming hearing/meeting and need to request a SAMRU support/attendant, all known Office of Student Conduct hearings are accommodated for and booked into the Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator’s calendar. A meeting attendant is available for hearings if you request one either in advance or on the same day of your misconduct hearing. Contact the Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator by phone (leave message) and email to book your support.

All other meeting attendant requests require advance notice (minimum of 24 hours).

Weekday drop-in hours:

September 1 to April 30: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (No booked appointments within this time)

May 1 to August 31: By appointment, based on availability

**Drop-in times/office hours are subject to change periodically. Call ahead to ensure availability.

General hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (By appointment, except drop-in hours)

NOTE: Appointments may be booked with a minimum 24 hours’ notice. Often students with time-sensitive situations can be seen on the same day (Subject to existing scheduled appointments). It is also possible to meet with the primary service provider before 9 am or after 4 pm, (subject to availability). 

Come by our office on the third floor of Wyckham House (Z 303) and find out more about what we do to help individual student situations through our services offered.

Want to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a student at MRU? Check out our overview.

For detailed information and FAQ sheets or templates on final grade appeals, grievances, misconducts and more, check out the Student Advocacy Resource Library.


Meaghan Paturel
Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator
Office: Wyckham House, Z303
Phone: 403.440.7779
Email: advocacy

Student Advocacy Administrator (October-May)
Office: Wyckham House, Z303
Phone: (403) 440-8779
Email: advocacy