Student Advocacy Resources

Looking for information on final grade appeals, requirement to withdraw, incomplete grades, withdrawal with cause, and more? The Student Advocacy Resource Centre can help you navigate these situations and refine the self-advocacy skills you’ll need throughout the process. Click on the list of topics below to learn more:

NOTE: The documents below are mainly applicable to students taking credit courses at Mount Royal (with some exceptions marked with a star beside the link). If you are looking for information on non-credit student policies, like final grade appeal, or non-credit rights and responsibilities, visit Mount Royal’s Continuing Education portion of their website and their frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

Communicating a Concern:

Grievance Concern Letter Template *

NEW (2018): Email Tips

Human Rights & Accommodation Requests *

Course Completion Concerns:

Incomplete Grade Agreement Information

Withdrawal and Withdrawal with Cause

Withdrawal with Cause Letter Template

Final Exams:

Defer Exam

Missed Writing the Exam

Final Grade Appeals:

Final Grade Appeal Process

Final Grade Appeal FAQ

Meeting/Hearing Preparation:

Meeting Resource Links (Conflict, Active Listening, Self-care)

Misconduct Allegations:

Misconduct Allegations FAQ *

Misconduct Allegation Links *

Misconduct Allegation Example Academic Hearing Submission *

Plagiarism, Cheating, and MRU Student Conduct

University Completion Concerns:

Requirement to Withdraw FAQs

Requirement to Withdraw Appeal Letter Tips

*NEW* (2018): Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition Tip Sheet

For additional information or support, contact the Student Advocacy Coordinator for confidential assistance and read up on our services list and/or service mandate.


Meaghan Paturel
Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator
Office: Wyckham House, Z303
Phone: 403.440.7779
Email: Meaghan or advocacy