The Pride Centre is MOVING!

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We have some exciting news to share: the Pride Centre is moving this summer! We’re still confirming exact dates, but the space will be open and operating by end of August, followed by a grand opening with ribbon-cutting which will happen during the first two weeks of the fall term. Find a full timeline here.

In talking with the Pride Centre community this spring, we heard that, in addition to reinstating full-time staff and volunteer presence in the centre, the space could also benefit from a fresh start. With additional consultation of students from the community who had asked to be kept in the loop of the planning discussions — and as an element of broader organizational planning discussions — we’ve all agreed to move the Pride Centre just down the hall to Z211 (currently the Volunteer Hub or “Green Room”), which is connected to the Relationships, Identity & Sex Programmer’s office. In addition to the full-time staff presence, the new Pride Centre space will be a standalone space that won’t be confused with the Peer Support Centre. The new space will have a more welcoming physical shape; a dedicated breakout room; a repaint and other general maintenance and redecorating over the summer; a higher profile, with windows looking out onto the West Gate entrance; and a dedicated communications and marketing plan. We believe that all of these elements will contribute to the Pride Centre becoming the safe, welcoming, vibrant student space it’s meant to be.

Have questions? Our Relationships, Identity & Sex Programmer, Tanya Ross, will be conducting a live Q&A about the move on Monday, June 25 at noon on the SAMRU Facebook page—make sure to book that date in your calendar so we can try to answer all your questions. We’ll be accepting questions for the Q&A for the next month at, but we’ll also have folks on hand who can answer questions live in the video’s comment feed.

MRU student and long-time Pride Centre volunteer Eddy Robinson has this to say about the move: “Moving the Pride Centre to the green room seems to check all our boxes. Personally, I like it because I like the idea of being next to the Global Citizen Coordinator and the Yellow Room. I know we’ve seen a lot of change and we’re tired, but I think moving will be a chance to sort of ‘rebrand’, leave behind the past and start fresh; rise from the ashes.”

Fellow student and volunteer Ray Hansen adds, “I am excited about a new space where we can all contribute to make it feel like our own. My desire is that the new Pride Centre will be a safe place and a second home.”

We’ll have lots more to share throughout the summer, so stay tuned for sneak peeks at the new location’s fresh look. You’ll have opportunities to give us feedback on the centre’s décor, programming, and logo redesign, and we’ll be posting more information about important dates as they roll out. But for now, we hope you’re as excited about this development as we are!