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You heard about the puppy room last semester, and our Service Centre team heard your yips for the pups to return again this semester!

Our Service Centres are bringing in PADS – the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society, an organization devoted to training and placing assistance dogs throughout Western Canada with a special focus on British Columbia and Alberta homes.

The puppies and their trainers will come to campus for supervised puppy-fun-time! Playing with a super-cute puppy for a short while can lower your stress and get you back on track for studying. None of the puppies are available for adoption – they’re all going to their forever homes (and jobs!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a snuggle and maybe a bit of a face-wash while helping these future working-dogs become accustomed to large groups of people.

Please note that these are not hypo-allergenic dogs, and those with allergies should avoid coming into the puppy room.

SAMRU’s Service Centres have also lined up a bunch of other activities and events to help you ease into your exams, feel a sense of relief, get empowered and live a healthier lifestyle by maintaining a healthy body and mind. Take some time for yourself, get enough sleep, and manage your school-life and work-life balance to stay healthy and be successful!

Some of the additional activities to help you ‘Stress Less’ are:

  • Exam relief cart – bringing you healthy food right where you study!
  • Creation station – let your creativity flow in our Copywrite & Used Books centre
  • Massage therapy – release your stress Monday-Thursday in the Stanley Gym
  • Mindful meditation – help yourself focus before that big exam
  • Seed planting – getting a little dirt under your fingernails can help you relax
  • In-centre movies – have a chuckle to help relieve your stress
  • Smudging – come experience this tradition to clear your mind
  • Painting – express yourself through paint to relieve stress

Stress less activities happen April 14-17 at various locations throughout Wyckham House. Visit for the full listing including times and locations.

Stress Less week is brought to you by your students’ association. Thank you to SAMRU volunteers for helping to purchase food and pack lunches for the exam stress relief cart, and thank you to the MRU Wellness Centre for providing healthy snack bars in the exam lunches. Massages are provided by students in the continuing education massage therapy program.

– By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator