These #girlbosses are killing it in YYC

In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to show you a few awesome girl bosses who are killing it in ol’ YYC. Here are some ladies who have worked hard to achieve their goals and trail-blazed for so many others in the industry.

Kristyn Harder (Kristyn Harder Photography)

Starting her photography journey at the young age of 16, Kristyn has been running her business full-time since 2013! She works anywhere between 20 and 25 weddings A YEAR (not including all the engagement, lifestyle, and corporate shoots she does). We dub this busy gal a #GIRLBOSS!

Vicki Manness (Pretty Sweet Co.)

Vicki started building her own brand by baking inside her own home. She gained a loyal following through Market Collective and has recently opened her first store front location. Known for her distinct rustic and pastel style, she’s a magnet for cake-lovers everywhere!

Sable Sweetgrass (Filmmaker, Advocate)

A writer, playwright, and filmmaker by trade, this transgender mom is making waves in the Calgary community. As an advocate for Indigenous culture and the queer community, Sable has proven herself an important voice in Calgary through education and story-telling. Learn more about her Storytelling Project here!

Candice Munro (Buttercream Clothing)

From making aprons to a full-fledged online store, Candice has sure found success with her “small” clothing and accessories shop. She’s now expanded Buttercream with 21 seamstresses and two manufacturing facilities. Boasting nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.