Archived: Things to spend your tax return on (but not really)

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Did you know SAMRU runs a free Tax Clinic for low-income individuals? It’s true!! Any Mount Royal student can use this free service provided they meet certain qualifying criteria. You can find out more about what those criteria are here.

In honour of the event, we thought we’d help get your creative juices flowing and help you decide what to spend your juicy (hopefully) tax return on. You could use it to pay off debts or put it into savings… but that’s so much less FUN! (We are obviously kidding and you probably shouldn’t spend your money recklessly on the following things. If you need some guidance on how to manage your finances, consider attending a Money Management workshop!)

1) Dinner for two at a Michelin star restaurant (don’t forget to budget for airfare and accommodations on this one 😁)

2) Equipment for a sport you definitely don’t play (ski boots anyone?)


4) Impulse pet purchase (Disclaimer: This is a TERRIBLE IDEA. I repeat: DO. NOT. DO. THIS.)

5) Expensive clothes and designer goods like…

6) Louis Vuitton playing cards

7) A life-size Imperial Stormtrooper statue

8) A replica “Dr. Evil” chair from Austin Powers

9) ~Vajazzling~ with Swarovski crystals 💁💁

10) SKYDIVE!!!

11) An iPhone X

12) … or 240-ish grande Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes (about the same price as an iPhone X)

13) Take an Evian bath… for only $5,000! Don’t worry… you get to snack on smoked salmon lollipops, chocolate and foie gras while relaxing in the waters…

14) Book a celebrity for your next intimate gathering of friends

15) A white “hip hop” tee designed exclusively by Kanye West

16) Gold-plated staples to make your papers look extra ~fancy~

17) A banana boat for you and five of your friends to GO BANANAS this summer 🤘

18) A cryotherapy session (which, as far as we can tell from a very brief cursory glance, is just a really, really cold box)

19) A gold-plated vibrator courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow (you’re welcome, world)

20) … and a more reasonable model if you didn’t hit the jackpot of tax returns

21) Become a cowboy for the day at the Banff Trail Riders Cowboy Cookout and Ride (hat/boots/chaps not included)

22) Get a Disney princess ~makeover~ at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland (it says you need to be between 3-12 years old but they did it on Big Bang Theory sooo…)


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