Archived: Three really good reasons to attend SAMRU’s AGM on Feb 8

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Okay, listen. You know and I know that “Annual General Meeting” isn’t the sexiest phrase in the English language, but you should still definitely attend SAMRU’s Annual General Meeting on February 8. We promise it’s not as boring as it sounds. You’ll get to hear reports from the Student Governing Board, the President of the Representation Executive Council (REC), and SAMRU’s administration and management, plus you’ll vote on the appointment of auditors and any proposed changes to our bylaws and wait wait wait don’t go I wasn’t finished!

Fine, the AGM may not be the party of the century, but I bet I can give you three airtight reasons you should come and bring all your friends.

1. It’s a great way to get involved, but not too involved.

Not interested in running for a seat on REC or the Student Governing Board? Fair enough – that’s a lot of responsibility, and a big time commitment (although we still think you should totally do it). Do you know what’s not a big commitment? An hour-long meeting. If you aren’t the political type but you still want a say in how SAMRU is operated, this is a low-pressure form of involvement in SAMRU’s governance: you’ll hear a few reports, vote on two things, eat some free food and then leave, but in the process you’ll be using the voice you earn by paying your SAMRU fees and helping us to be more responsible to our members.

2. Prizes! Free Food!

The meeting will take place from 12:00pm until 1:00pm in the Hub, so we’ll feed you a yummy lunch, and there will be a draw among attendees for an iPad mini. Plus, this year we’re holding a contest for clubs, with prizes for the clubs that bring the most participants to the AGM ($150 first prize, $125 second prize, $100 third prize). More importantly, though, by attending you’ll also be contributing to the vitality and accountability of SAMRU, and that’s the greatest prize of all, right?

3. You’ll get a glimpse of how big organizations are run.

Maybe you *do* want to get involved in SAMRU’s governance or representation work at some point, but you don’t think you’re ready right now. Or, maybe you plan on being involved in governing a different organization someday down the road, when you’re a high-powered Business Adult who wears blazers on the reg. Attending this meeting is really good practice, because you’ll get to see inside the workings of a multi-million dollar nonprofit and hear from the people who are responsible for making it tick. You’ll hear about our successes and challenges from the past year. And you’ll get an overview of our audited financial statements from the last fiscal year, if, uh, that’s your thing.


Convinced? Then mark your calendar to attend the AGM on February 8! 

SAMRU Annual General Meeting
February 8, 2017, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
The Hub, Wyckham House
Students must present their Campus Cards in order to vote.
Visit for more details.