Archived: Top 5 best places at MRU to just… chill….

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In our December issue we shared with you some of the prettiest spots on campus and asked for your photos too – then last month we shared our top-5 list of unexpected study spaces. This month it’s time to take a deep breath and give yourself the opportunity to relax a little bit – with our top-5 best places to chill at MRU.

The Cultural Mosaic Centre hosts tea parties regularly on the 3rd floor of Wyckham House

5. Did you know that the SAMRU Cultural Mosaic Centre on the 3rd floor of Wyckham House hosts a regular tea party? This is a great place to chill and relax, all while sipping a relaxing cup of (free) tea. Find out when the next Tea Party is by chatting with centre volunteers on Facebook:

A quiet space for meditation or reflection
4. MRU’s meditation room is a great place to chill and relax if you’re feeling stressed out. There are activities happening in there, but when it’s empty just pop in, sit down, and breathe.

The Student Outreach & Safewalk Centre on the 3rd floor of Wyckham House

3. All of SAMRU’s Service Centres have comfy couches, a place to relax, friendly participants, and helpful coordinators. While there are regular activities happening in each, centres like our Student Outreach & Safewalk centre can be a welcome spot to just take a break from all you have going on.

The amphitheatre near MRU's pond
2. A great way to get some perspective is to step back – and you can do that at the MRU amphitheatre. When the weather is good it’s often a quiet spot in all the activity on campus, and a great spot to have your lunch and recharge.

 1. The Peer Support Centre comes in at #1 on our list – while it’s usually busy and active, it’s also a good resource if school is just stressing you out too much. With trained volunteers you can get some good tips and referrals if you need them. Plus, eating healthy can help combat stress, and the PSC offers a free daily breakfast while classes are in session.

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-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU