Volunteer Orientation

Discover all the amazing ways to volunteer for SAMRU and what it means to volunteer with us by attenting a group orientation session! Highlights include meeting your potential volunteer supervisors and other new volunteers, covering topics like our Code of Ethics, volunteer appreciation, supervision expectations, and more!  We want to welcome you to being a SAMRU volunteer & get you prepped to start as soon as possible with us. Join us today by first applying to volunteer here

The majority of new volunteer orientation sessions occur in the Gallery (Z224) on the second floor of Wyckham House.

Winter Semester 2020 Dates

NOTE: Please register for a session on the Volunteer portal under the ‘Opportunities’ tab, after we’ve sent you our welcome email with registration instructions. Some group sessions may be cancelled due to low enrollment or the location details may change for small group sessions (less than 5). Always check your email for updates from us at volunteer@samru.ca 

January 7: 2:45-4 pm
January 8: 9:45-11 am & 3:45-5 pm
January 9: 12:45-2 pm
January 13: 9:45- 11 am
January 16: 10:45- 12 noon
January 22: 3:15-4:30 pm
January 23: 8:45 – 10 am
January 29: 2:15-3:30 pm
February 3: 2:15-3:30 pm

*Added date*: February 4: 9:45 am-11:00 am

*Added date*: February 12: 10:45 am-12 noon

February 13: 8:45- 10 am
No orientation times booked during Reading week
February 26: 10:45-12 noon
March 3: 9:45 – 11 am
March 13: 12:45-2 pm
March 20: 10:45-12 noon
March 24: 3:45 – 5 pm
March 30: 2:45 – 4 pm

No scheduled large group orientations will be booked in April / May – July, or in December. Occasional one on one orientation sessions may be booked by appointment by emailing us at volunteer@samru.ca