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Peer Support  

Create a welcoming environment in spaces by greeting and orienting visitors and encouraging use of space guidelines. Provide peer-to-peer active listening and non-judgemental support as needed in a one-on-one setting to students who may be experiencing a difficult time in their life. Help students apply for Calgary Food Bank hampers and SAMRU Emergency Financial Services. Learn about resources available at SAMRU and Calgary community to connect students with useful information and service referrals to appropriate resources.

This role may be a fit for you if you are compassionate, enthusiastic, and interested in supporting your fellow students and connecting the campus community.

Time Commitment: Regular, scheduled. Minimum two hours/week with flexible daytime shifts.

Training Required (approx. 13 hours): Intro to Anti-Oppression, Working with Students with Disabilities, Supporting Victims of Violence, Peer Support Centre programs and services, ABC’s of Helping, SAMRU Orientation & Better Impact training. Pre-training sessions take place online, and in-person group training over two days.

Program Support Help deliver various programs throughout the year. This can include helping set-up our daily free breakfast, or volunteering annually at Season of Caring or the Tax Clinic. Help create and maintain an inviting atmosphere in spaces during programs, and encourage use of space guidelines.

This role may be a fit for you if you are caring, patient, task-oriented, and interested in supporting your fellow students through program delivery.

Time Commitment: Variable, scheduled.

Approximately 2 to 4 hour long shifts with daytime shifts available. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours expected.Volunteers can choose to sign on a program-by-program basis based on their availability.

Training Required: Varies based on program. All required training occurs before or on shift. Training sessions take place during one day.

Event & Outreach Help SAMRU create experiences for your fellow students! Help with executing and promoting events, programs, and activities. Volunteer roles may include: tabling, ticket-selling, delivering Wyckham House tours, event setup and tear down, event day support in various roles, and implementing outreach activities.

This role may be a fit for you if you are a community builder and connector, looking for hands-on experience, and like to create memories. Volunteers will work independently or in small groups.

Time Commitment: Variable, scheduled. Generally 1 to 4 hour shifts with both daytime and evening shifts available. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours expected. Volunteers can choose to sign up for shifts based on their availability.

Training Required: SAMRU Orientation & Better Impact training, Events 101, Outreach 101, Wyckham House Tour training. Training sessions take place over one half day (4 hours).

Casual Help with one-off or unscheduled volunteer activities that contribute to the campus community. This work can include working in the MRU Community garden, helping out at U Fest and stress less week, or volunteering annually at the Crowchild Classic or the SAMRU Casino fundraiser.

This role may be a fit for you if you are enthusiastic, task-oriented, patient, and willing to learn and participate in a multitude of tasks.

Time Commitment: Variable, flexible. Daytime and evening shifts available. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours expected. Volunteers choose shifts based on their availability.

Training Required: No prior training required. All required training happens on shift.

Planning and Implementation Committees (PIC) Help SAMRU design and improve events and programs. Volunteers will share their feedback on existing events and programs, and also brainstorm new ideas to guide and improve future events and programs. PIC members get an opportunity to meet regularly with a Programmer/Coordinator to design, plan, and deliver events and programs based on your interests.

This role may be a fit for you if you are enthusiastic, passionate, and a planner who enjoys participating in the process of creating events and programs from beginning to end.

PICs Include:

  • Event Planning and Implementation Committee (EPIC), supervised by Event Manager and Event Coordinator.
  • Outreach Planning and Implementation Committee (OPIC), supervised by Communications Coordinator.


Time Commitment: Variable, flexible. Volunteers must be able to commit to at least 3 to 5 committee meetings per semester as scheduled by the Committee, plus activity implementation time at events and programs.

Training Required: Will be tailored to the PIC; check with supervisor for more information. Some PICs require volunteer training, such as Intro to Anti-Oppression and Events 101. Experienced SAMRU volunteers are encouraged to apply. Training will be approximately 7 hours in length.



Andrea Davis, Student Services Manager
Phone: (403) 440-7792
Email: Volunteer