Archived: Volunteering on campus leads to student success

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Yes, it’s true: student success is directly linked to student involvement.

The National Survey of Student Engagement has shown that there’s more to school than just a classroom eduction – there’s learning and personal development, too, and the students who are engaged in activities outside the classroom are consistently shown to be more successful.

There’s also something to be said for a challenging and rewarding experience that makes your resume look great; volunteering helps develop a diverse set of skills that employers look for in today’s job market. And it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun, to develop networking skills, and to work with professionals in your area of interest.


So why aren’t you volunteering?

There might be lots of excuses not to volunteer, but we want to make your student experience at Mount Royal exceptional. That’s why we’ve done our very best to give you a huge variety of ways to volunteer with us: from a barely-anything-at-all two hour a week time commitment, to a chance to sit on our Student Governing Board and oversee our multi-million dollar organization.

We are a student-run organization, and that means we value participation in decision-making and community-building at all levels. Through volunteerism on our boards and committees, as well as in our service centres, the Students’ Association offers first-hand experience in citizenship to provide you with opportunities to discover yourself.

We’ve got you covered.

The best part? You don’t need any particular skill set to get involved on campus. In fact, we want you to decide where you fit best: whether that means joining a club, sitting on a committee, helping out with Free Breakfast, or running for Representation Executive Council, we will always provide you with all the training and professional development you’ll need to succeed. And our basic training session for SAMRU volunteers is coming up on January 30 and 31, so don’t miss this chance to start making a difference on campus. You can RSVP for basic training, but we’d recommend checking out all the different ways you can get involved, too!

Make volunteering on campus a part of your university experience. By getting involved, you’ll not only help others – you’ll help yourself.

If you have questions, or aren’t sure where to get started, contact Amber Stallard, Student Services Coordinator, at 403-440-7779 or

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