Archived: What’s the deal with Academic Standing?

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It’s safe to say that academic standing is NOT how long you stand in line for coffee before writing that history midterm! Academic standing is a virtual ‘heads up’ to help you keep track of whether or not your stay at Mount Royal as a credit student could be in jeopardy.

The news on academic standing is not all ominous: even when you’re on academic warning, probation, or requirement to withdraw, if you show significant improvement in your cumulative GPA, your status can potentially be upgraded. As a best practice, consider checking your academic standing at least once per semester.

Where can you find your academic standing? Look at your unofficial transcript of grades located online. To get there, click the ‘Student Records’ hyperlink on the top left side of the main ‘myMRU’ page. Above the course listing with your grades is a category showing your cumulative grade point average.

Your cumulative GPA should always be above 2.0 in order to maintain ‘good standing’ as a student and continue in your studies at Mount Royal. Some programs may have additional requirements for maintaining ‘good standing.’ Check with your Academic Advisor to be sure.
If you’re worried about your academic standing, remember that you always have options! Contact your SAMRU Student Advocacy Coordinator for more information.

To learn more about academic standing, check out the Student Advocacy Resource Library:

To read about academic standing in MRU’s Academic Calendar, click here:

– by Andrea Davis and Nicole Boyce