Archived: When credit cards aren’t an option

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Buget well!

Starting in the Winter 2013 Semester, MRU will no longer be accepting credit cards as a method of payment for tuition, fees, and residence. This change will have a significant impact on students and those who are assisting them financially (parents, significant others, etc) and your SAMRU wants to help!

A good first step is to understand how credit cards, credit card cash-advances, and lines of credit from your bank work. Some of these methods are better or worse depending on your financial literacy, budgeting abilities, and ability to repay the money. The good folks at the Peer Support Centre can help you with this.

Visit the Peer Support Centre >>  

If you use student loans, or rely on scholarships, awards, or bursaries to finance your education, the Peer Support Centre can also offer good advice. We also recommend you check out our E-Awards – cash awards for students who have shown a commitment to their community as well as their academics.

Check out the E-Awards >>  

Your elected SAMRU Executive Committee along with governors on Students’ Council are also concerned about how this change will affect the students of Mount Royal University. In response, your representatives have lobbied on your behalf to come up with solutions that fit the needs of students. One of the ways your executive committee was able to communicate some of your options to you was at the November 15th Financial Awareness event in Wyckham House. If you missed the event and would like more information, or would like to learn more about your Students’ Council does for you, please contact them.

Contact and connect with your elected and appointed representatives >>