Archived: Wishing for cheap textbooks? Wish granted!

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Let’s face it: when you’re low on funds, buying textbooks has about the same allure as hammocks have in winter. Student life can be expensive, but SAMRU’s got your back; Copywrite & Used Books can help you save money by buying and selling used textbooks.

Used book consignment is like a relay race: everyone plays a part. If you’re looking for books, head down to the basement of Wyckham House to look through our collection our affordable textbooks and pick up the ones you need. While you’re there, you can check out our newly renovated space, which includes a Ticketmaster, an Eco Store, and a brand new Tech Squad outlet.

If you want to sell your used textbooks, sign up online and bring your books down to Copywrite. You can set the price for your books, and once they sell, we’ll cut you a cheque for 75% of the selling price. For more details, click here.

As for the Copywrite staff, their role is to answer your questions, help you find the books you need, and offer strange trivia they’ve found in the textbook collection. Find cool facts—and huge savings on textbooks—at Copywrite & Used Books, where frugality meets curiosity.

For more information on Copywrite & Used Books, check out our webpage!