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You might be wondering who represents you right here on campus. Who is thinking of your needs as a student? Who advocates on your behalf with the university, local, provincial and even federal governments? Who knows what you need, and has the resources to make it happen?

Each year you elect the team of fellow students who lead the SAMRU.
The Executive Committee (EC) is a standing committee of Students’ Council, and deals with issues like tuition and loan policies, student life, advocacy and lobbying.

Your 2012-2013 elected Executive Committee is:
• Jennifer Langille – Vice-President Student Academic Affairs
• Julia Broome – Vice-President Student External Affairs
• Addison Asuchak – Vice-President Student University Affairs
• Kaylene McTavish – President

If you want to contact anyone from the Executive Committee or Students’ Council, come on up to the second floor of Wyckham House and pop in to Z222 to make an appointment with our receptionist. Alternately, you can visit us online where you’ll find contact information for each member of Students’ Council including our Executive Committee. Our executives are also on social media, and since they are students too, you’ll also find them grabbing a bite to eat in the Wyckham House Food Court, studying in the library, and pursuing their education in the classroom right alongside you.

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